Wednesday, January 5, 2011

24 Thousand gains on 1 traded lot ....of RCOM

Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:57:04 PM): good evening

Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:57:06 PM): Sir

Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:58:01 PM): your prediction is fanatastic
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:58:51 PM): Now i have decided to trading in futres also
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:59:07 PM): Now i have decided to trading in futures also
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 9:59:24 PM): so pl give me the calls
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 9:59:59 PM): sir ji i mgiving calls
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:00:15 PM): limited only
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:00:33 PM): i know
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:00:53 PM): i like 1 hit
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:00:57 PM): but whebever you give pl give me also
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:01:19 PM): ok
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:01:25 PM): thanks
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:01:57 PM): As i was not doing in futures, i didnot insist previously
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:02:13 PM): hope u made good gains in rcom
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:02:39 PM): happy to inform you that i sold rcom future yesterday
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:03:01 PM): it turned from 150.65
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:03:25 PM): i sold 149
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:03:39 PM): and u were holding from 137
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:03:57 PM): recovered all loss of RCOM
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:03:58 PM): so 24 k
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:04:07 PM): ys
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:04:13 PM): gr8 gains
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:04:53 PM): Thanks once again
Arvind Gandhi (1/5/2011 10:05:00 PM): good night
kailash Chaturvedi (1/5/2011 10:05:05 PM): k gn

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

internet spam

neelima: hi
kailash Chaturvedi: hi
neelima: u r calls r good
kailash Chaturvedi: whch call
neelima: r u sucessfully updated chartnexes software.........????
kailash Chaturvedi: not getting ur querry
neelima: sir R u updateCHARTNEXUS software data ........???
kailash Chaturvedi: when
neelima: today....
kailash Chaturvedi: s
neelima: it giving error to me.....
kailash Chaturvedi: ok
kailash Chaturvedi:   can u call me
kailash Chaturvedi: i will help u
neelima: i bought 1lot HDIL janfuture @191.60 should i hold it or not
kailash Chaturvedi: i m waiting for reply ?
neelima: ??
kailash Chaturvedi: kailash Chaturvedi:   can u call me
kailash Chaturvedi: i will help u
neelima: u die u r hair u look smart & upload that pic.......
neelima: bye
kailash Chaturvedi: very smart is internet .....guy
neelima is typing...
neelima: thnx for u r upload
kailash Chaturvedi: and i enjoy  each day   pple like u
kailash Chaturvedi: fake identities
kailash Chaturvedi: fake names and  fake personalitiesBookmark