Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aakash 16 Dec 2010

Aakash: GM
 me: hi gm
  place pmo 1324
  sell axis
8:27 AM Aakash: ok
8:31 AM told RM
8:32 AM whta you think of todays mkt
 me: place buy renuka at 85.1 tgt s 86.45 87.80 89 .00
8:33 AM looking bullish
 Aakash: ok
  will wait for mkt to open
  what is the lot size
8:34 AM me: see there is a news that sugar export sanctioned
  so good for sugar stocks
 Aakash: ok
  But dont know, if I can buy Renuka.. till I have Axis fut lot
8:35 AM me: yes you can
  i saw that day
  u granted margin on ur holdings
  check from rm

5 minutes
8:40 AM me: but please dont do lie yesterday placing of stop loss order at tgt
8:41 AM like*
8:43 AM Aakash: ?
 me: yesterday u placed sl ordr at 1317.60 na
8:44 AM Aakash: yday i place sl instead of limit yes
 Aakash: I place triggger at i think
 me: please see here
  i asked u to book at 1316.90
8:45 AM Aakash: yes
  that was my mistake
  I now
  I am reading your linnk
 me: and it reached above 1317 two times
8:46 AM Aakash: yes
  we discussed this yday;
  I know, I made mistake
  I hope today, we are in green
8:47 AM me: np please remember for future
 Aakash: yes
  will it show some strength today?
 me: i think yes
8:49 AM sugars renuka shakti and eid parry are good buy as govt sanctioned exports on sugar ...
8:50 AM asian mkts r giving mix signals
8:51 AM Aakash: ok (sugars)
  mkts- yes,.. asian signs not that promising
8:52 AM me: see if mkt will trade in range then stocks trade as per their indl trend
 Aakash: ok
8:53 AM me: in bullih mkt 90 % will move up side
  in bearish 90 % will follow the same
8:54 AM Aakash: ok
My Rm called me and told.. that she couldnt place the pre mkt open order..
 me: ok
 Aakash: I called her around 8:29
  now she will place immediately as mkt opens
8:55 AM me: ask her when u urself can place pmo
 Aakash: She told i can place before 830
 me: start from
 Aakash: I tried.. at around 828 my machine watch
  but couldnt.. and then called her around 829
  I will check with her.. starting when I can place the order
8:56 AM me: see some brokers permit pms after mkt settles
 Aakash: pms - postmkt settlement?
 me: ya
8:57 AM Aakash: ok
 me: pmo
8:58 AM see shanghai is trading in 1% range since 4 sessions
 Aakash: aacha
 me: now break out in green nzone
  good for nifty
 Aakash: in sanghai?
 me: ya
 Aakash: on cnbc i see in red
 me: see chart
 Aakash: 7.45 dwn
 me: in last 4 mins
 Aakash: ok
9:00 AM me: it is up
 Aakash: yes
  sudden spurt
9:01 AM me: nifty shown 6027 in pre open session
9:02 AM Aakash: not realistic
  this session
 me: ya
  5940 now
9:03 AM 5937
9:04 AM Aakash: will come down in few mins
  will sync with sgx to start with at 9;15
  isnt it
9:05 AM me: may or may not
 Aakash: ok
9:06 AM me: banking sector looking good in preopen
  5922 now
9:07 AM Aakash: if crude oil price inc
  which stocks/sectors.. gain from it?
9:08 AM me: increase reliane aban cairn ongc mrpl
9:09 AM ioc bpcl hpcl negative
9:11 AM 5910 nifty settled
 Aakash: ok
 me: 5905 sgx
 Aakash: oil mkt company- _ve
  producing - +ve
 me: so mkt will trade up
 Aakash: ok
9:12 AM me: rel is good paid 43 % extra tex
 Aakash: seems good
9:13 AM me: ya
9:14 AM Aakash: for renuka.. should I wait for 4-5 mins to see its direction?
  of place immediate order for 85.1?
 me: no
  buy it
9:15 AM Aakash: both orders are placed
9:16 AM 89!!!
 me: no
 Aakash: renuka opened around 89.right
9:18 AM me: made low od 88
9:19 AM axis 1300
 Aakash: yes
9:20 AM me: 1309
 Aakash: right
9:23 AM renuka seems to have resistance at 90?
 me: no
  if nifty is green no res

6 minutes
9:30 AM Aakash: axis falling back now
 me: yes

5 minutes
9:36 AM me: mkt showing volatility
 Aakash: yes

12 minutes
9:49 AM me: market is in confusion and steady due to credit policy of rbi

22 minutes
10:11 AM Aakash: ok

8 minutes
10:20 AM Aakash: hi
 me: yes
 Aakash: I will be away for next 30-40 mins
  anything to change in the orders?
10:21 AM me: ok have uplaced exit in axis
 Aakash: 1324-sell axis
  85.1- renuka buy
  these are the two oirders
  any changes to be done?
 me: yes cancel renukabuy
10:22 AM Aakash: ok
 me: k
 Aakash: now left with axis sell order of 1324
 me: k
10:23 AM Aakash: leaving now
 me: ok

11:42 AM me: food inflation inereased by 1 re approx week on week
11:45 AM Aakash: how many types of inflation figures are issued by GOvt
  I thought only based upon WPI
 me: weekly and monthly
  now wpi
  earlier rpi
11:46 AM 1312 shown by axis
  selling started in mkt
11:47 AM due to inflation data
11:50 AM Aakash: ok
  and any credit policy change by rbi?
11:51 AM me: out at 12
 Aakash: you mean in next few minutes?
 me: yes
11:52 AM thats why mkt is flat
 Aakash: ok
  I dont think.. they will hike int rate
 me: will effect on fin and reality / auto
11:53 AM yes phangeoll says no c
  poll no change
11:54 AM Aakash: if no change is communicated; dont know how mkt will react
 me: Inflation Update: Primary articles inflation for week ended December 4 has come in at 13.25% versus 12.66% (WoW), food articles inflation is at 9.46% versus 8.69% and fuel group inflation is at 10.67% versus 9.99%
11:55 AM Aakash: hmn
11:58 AM 1310
 me: 1312
 Aakash: yes
12:00 PM me: rbi policy out good for banks
 Aakash: is it?
12:03 PM will it touch 1324?
12:04 PM me: see yes but we must have to encash each swing
12:05 PM see came from 1317
  now will wait for next swing
 Aakash: ok

7 minutes
12:12 PM me: 1318
 Aakash: ok
12:13 PM should i change order?
 me: sell at 1317
 Aakash: ok
12:14 PM me: 1319 now
  hpope u exited
12:15 PM Aakash: not yet
  10 sec
 me: why
 Aakash: gone
 me: ok
 Aakash: 1317.95
 me: at what rate
 Aakash: my screen got hanged...
  fortunately... RM picked up phone
 me: so 1700 u made
12:16 PM 1320 cmp now
 Aakash: ok
12:18 PM me: so rm is trading for you ?
 Aakash: she is helpful
 me: ok
12:19 PM Aakash: there tool, works better on IE only
  and IE gets hanged.. very often
 me: r u seeing mkt rates at pc
  chrome is good
 Aakash: I use chrome always
 me: dl it
  falling now
 Aakash: but there tool still not apt for chrome
12:20 PM should we try another swing in it?
 me: see nifty is flat so we will trade cautiously
 Aakash: alright
 me: better not to trade
12:21 PM Aakash: ok
 me: if confusion
12:22 PM Aakash: brb-15 mins
 me: k

13 minutes
12:36 PM Aakash: back
 me: ok
  1311 now
12:37 PM Aakash: ok
12:38 PM Is it true that tax on futures is 33%
12:39 PM (cap gain)
 me: i m not confirm but capital gain tax is same for all
12:40 PM can be checked at net
 Aakash: yes
12:44 PM me: pe and ce 5900 both are trading at -6 % solid gain to writers in 1 day ....
12:48 PM Aakash: writers mean?
  one who sells it?
 me: yes
 Aakash: ok
12:49 PM me: do u want to sell options
 Aakash: You mean short sell?
 me: i will plan it for u
 Aakash: ok
12:50 PM me: k

1:52 PM Aakash: anything else?

50 minutes
2:43 PM me: my terlingminal is troub
 Aakash: not working?
2:44 PM me: yes g charts too not coming
  can u see google charts
 Aakash: yes
2:45 PM me: intra 2 mins charts
 Aakash: but it is showing of 15th
2:46 PM me: yes only rates are updating
 Aakash: correct
  its google problem
 me: nf 5960
2:47 PM even my reliance terminal is not giving streaming data
 Aakash: ah!
 me: axis made high of 1327
2:48 PM possibility of 1 more jump
2:49 PM Aakash: ok
  mkt up , i see
2:51 PM me: whAT was ur 1 st question ?
  and my answer
2:52 PM today
2:54 PM Aakash: we started with Axis bank 1324
  then Renuka sugar inputs you gave
2:55 PM me: u askeout mkt and i think i said bullishd ab
 Aakash: yes
  looking bullish
2:56 PM you said
 me: we wrote this for u highlighted form....52 points retracement after 223 points (5721 to 5944 ) move indicate that market is healthy...
Even on weekly chart Nifty is trading well above 20 dma and market will close above 1 %
2:57 PM Aakash: may be on your blog you must have written this detail
2:58 PM me: sell ce 5900 at 117 118
2:59 PM Aakash: short selling - you mena
 me: please sell ce5900
 Aakash: i dont hold any right now
  thats why asking
 me: will buy on monday below 15 rs
 Aakash: ok
3:00 PM me: we are writing option
  will enjoy decay
 Aakash: ok
 me: it is at 120
3:01 PM 121
  can be sold
3:02 PM have u sold
 Aakash: sold
 me: 1 lot ?
3:03 PM Aakash: yes
  6100 INR
 me: now we will buy it below 110
  see 118
 Aakash: OK
3:04 PM me: ur price may come today too
 Aakash: You mean 122-15 =107?
3:05 PM me: yes
 Aakash: ok
 me: 750 rs gain
  if not today then on monday
3:06 PM Aakash: ok
3:09 PM me: 115
 Aakash: ok
3:10 PM me: 113
  do u want 10 rs can book now
 Aakash: what you say
 me: tom 25
3:11 PM monday 25
  ok hold for 20 points
  110 now
 Aakash: ok
3:12 PM me: mkt is falling
3:13 PM Aakash: ok
  110 around now
 me: 108
  book at 107
3:14 PM Aakash: ok
 me: here is support
 Aakash: ok
 me: infact in109
 Aakash: ok
3:15 PM me: 42 ma is supporting
 Aakash: i tried for 107
 me: 42 ma is at 110 now
3:16 PM Aakash: ok
  should i keep 107 only
 me: as u like
 Aakash: ok
 me: it will come on monday
 Aakash: ok
3:17 PM me: may come today too
 Aakash: ok
  lets see
 me: but 42 ma gave it bounce
  bear will try again
3:18 PM Aakash: ok
3:19 PM me: but we can sell again if traded there means 109 or 10
3:20 PM 117 now
 Aakash: ok
  i will change to 109 then
 me: no
 Aakash: ok
 me: modify to 103 now
3:21 PM Aakash: ok
 me: will see
 Aakash: done
  wont fall, i think
3:22 PM me: yes
  got heavy bounce
  42 mooda is g
 Aakash: ok
 me: 42 ma is good
3:24 PM again coming
3:25 PM Aakash: 113.90
3:26 PM me: yes 4 mins left
  decay will be 7 rs atleast
 Aakash: is it
3:27 PM me: so holding will be good
 Aakash: ok
 me: if 103 wont come
  108 will come soon
3:28 PM Aakash: 3 mins left?
 me: do u want to book kya ?
 Aakash: nah.. aap jaisa bole
 me: stay with 103.1
 Aakash: 111
3:29 PM me: 110
3:30 PM closed
 Aakash: ok
 me: at 111
  at 11 points gains
 Aakash: right
3:31 PM me: ur day was good i feel
3:33 PM Aakash: yes
3:34 PM me: these emoticons i cant see
  dont know why
 Aakash: you use gmail or gtalk
 me: i m seeing : )
 Aakash: ok
3:36 PM me: since when you are having trading acct ??
 Aakash: i have since 2-3 years
 me: ok
3:37 PM Aakash: but i never really used it for trading purpose
 me: and never traded like this
 Aakash: no
 me: now u r becoming expert in trades
3:39 PM Aakash: slowly.. steadily
 me: it will give u perfection
  do u know death cross ?
3:40 PM Aakash: no
3:41 PM Aakash: k
3:44 PM what is ema?
3:45 PM me: exponential moving averge
3:46 PM Aakash: ok
  so basically when 20 day ema cross 50 day ema
3:47 PM min